Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes, originally uploaded by Hey Buttons!.
There getting red! Soon in about a week I will have some very tasty tomatoes to eat...maybe I'll try to roast them and use them with pasta.

I have been wondering when they would be ready, yes I am impatient about gardening. I have a unhealthy habit of always looking at the garden in the morning to see if something as grown over night.

I do that with a lot more things that just the garden. I do it with my hair ( I have very fine hair and not a lot of it ), I used to do it with my kids teeth, rising bread...you know things that need you to be patient.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The process of creating new stock.

The good side of making your own findings for your products is that they can be completely customizable to fit all needs. The bad side, is that it take sometime to do.
See the metal rings in the plastic container?

These have to be formed out of wire, then soldered so they don't open or snag pretty yarn, then they have to be cleaned...really well.

The rest is more fun to do. All I need is a good movie or music, a little patience and something nice to drink ( if it's day I will go for coffee, if it's night it will be tea and if it's hot...beer will do! ).

I do enjoy this process of making those rings and hook thingy, it is relaxing and it helps in keeping me in line with what I want my stitch markers to be.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Snow peas looking yummy!

Snow peas, originally uploaded by Hey Buttons!.
I kinda like gardening, I'm horrible at it really I am. I'm what my mom would call a mean gardener. No one should let me in to the garden. I plant things late in the season and I rarely water anything.

I have this strange belief that plants in nature survive on their own, so why should I have to take care of them in my garden?
I mean really, wild flowers survive and grow well all by them self's ...unless there are some gnomes watering the plants that I do not know about.

Anyway, I try to plants things so my kids have a general idea of how food grows and what it should look like when it's not overly processed.

I planted these snow peas, pretty right!
Well the good news is they finally came in. I planted the seeds late...maybe too late. They taste horrible! We had to send them to the garbage :(

If only my cherry tomatoes would turn red, that's all I want, just be red already !

Friday, July 16, 2010

Self promotion is a necessary bitch !

I posted this as a comment on a blog and I'm putting it here too. It might be usefull to someone and if not it will be a good remiender for me.

Self promotion is a necessary bitch. Your creations might be the most beautiful, most stunning or simply the bestest ever, but this world is big. Yes it's a big world filled with beautiful, stunning and bestest ever creations. You could simply create and send that out in to the world and not say a word about it. Your great creation could be seen by some people. But we create so we can send something out to this world to be loved and appreciated by others. We are here to contribute something to this world, to make an impact. I know, a knitted dishcloth might not change the world, nor tea cozies or stitch markers. Not all creations have to be like the great works found in the museums of this world. What matters is that they are loved!

So I say to those of us that have issues with self promotion...just do it! What if your creations have a chance to be loved by more people? Wouldn't that be great!

Let's pretend that we are 5 years old again and we have just made the most beautiful, most stunning and bestest ever creation. Let's go run to our parents and shout... Look mama, look at what I have done! Let's be proud of what we do.

Let's all shout , Look at what I did! I love it and you might too.

So from now on, I will do my very best to create something everyday and share it on this blog. Who knows someone else than me might like it.