Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New designs for my stitch markers are in the works!

Here's a preview:


Sometimes you have to make hard decisions in life, now granted some are more important than others. I wouldn't say that making the decision to change a design for something that I love to create is at the very top of the important scale of things, but the design was affecting my family.

My old designs using stained glass was extremely time consuming. It was taking me about 2 hours of work from beginning to end to create just one set of 6 markers. I was starting to feel like this time was being stolen away from my kids. Because it involved a very hot soldering iron, solder and some fumes (very minimal fumes but still not that good for small lungs) I couldn't do that work in my kitchen.

To be honest I was also getting tired of doing the markers. I was isolated in my damp, humid and dark basement and I couldn't sleep in on Saturdays mornings ( hubby gets Sundays ). Sleeping is something that I love to do a lot and since my 4 year old still dose not sleep through the night it is fun to sleep until 9am on Saturdays.

Am I scare that the new designs will not be received well, what if they do not sell at all?
What happens happens. The most important parts of this change is that I love the new designs, that the markers work well, don't snag the knitters or crocheters yarns and are durable.

I have most of all of the little details down. I need new wire, tread and more do know that you can never have to little beads right?
But I am pretty much ready and these will be available for wholesale. 

The nicest part about this process was finding a way to create something that I love to do and at the same time spend time with my kids in my kitchen or living room and sleep on Saturday mornings.


agirlandherbrush said...

i think it is so important to be able to be creative while in the same room as your children. sometimes, it is the only way that i get any studio time. good job coming up with a new design that doesn't take you away from your family!

Hey Buttons ! said...

Thanks, It took some time to come up with markers that I liked, but it will better for everyone in the long run:)