Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Snow peas looking yummy!

Snow peas, originally uploaded by Hey Buttons!.
I kinda like gardening, I'm horrible at it really I am. I'm what my mom would call a mean gardener. No one should let me in to the garden. I plant things late in the season and I rarely water anything.

I have this strange belief that plants in nature survive on their own, so why should I have to take care of them in my garden?
I mean really, wild flowers survive and grow well all by them self's ...unless there are some gnomes watering the plants that I do not know about.

Anyway, I try to plants things so my kids have a general idea of how food grows and what it should look like when it's not overly processed.

I planted these snow peas, pretty right!
Well the good news is they finally came in. I planted the seeds late...maybe too late. They taste horrible! We had to send them to the garbage :(

If only my cherry tomatoes would turn red, that's all I want, just be red already !

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